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Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

Angola is focusing on revitalizing its agriculture and automobile sectors as part of its economic diversification strategy. Historically reliant on oil, the country is now leveraging its fertile land and strategic location to foster sustainable growth in these industries. **Agriculture Projects:** Angola's agricultural sector is receiving significant investment to enhance food security and reduce dependency on imports. Key projects include the "PRODESI" program (Program for the Support of Production, Diversification of Exports, and Substitution of Imports), which aims to increase the production of staple foods such as maize, beans, and rice. The "Family Farming Development Project" focuses on improving the productivity of smallholder farmers through training and access to better seeds and technology. Additionally, Angola is investing in large-scale commercial farming, particularly in the fertile regions of Malanje, Bié, and Huíla. Partnerships with international agribusiness firms are also being fostered to introduce modern agricultural practices and infrastructure. **Automobile Projects:** In the automobile sector, Angola is exploring both manufacturing and assembly opportunities. The "Viana Industrial Pole" near Luanda is a key site, with several automotive assembly plants being established to produce vehicles for domestic use and export. These facilities are intended to create jobs and reduce the import bill for vehicles. Collaboration with global automotive companies is critical, with potential joint ventures aimed at building a local automotive supply chain. Training programs are being developed to equip the workforce with the necessary skills for the automotive industry. Both sectors are supported by improvements in infrastructure, including roads and energy supply, to ensure the efficient transportation of goods and services. By focusing on agriculture and automobiles, Angola aims to build a more resilient and diversified economy.

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Agriculture & Allied Services 2.00


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

installation of a wood processing plant and cashew

Agriculture & Allied Services, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Mining, Trade 1.00

Burkina Faso

Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

This project is to set up pharmaceutical plant for IV fluids, Pre-mixed drugs, Dialysis Solution

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing 30.50

This project is to set up facility for cosmetics, firstly start by production toilet soap

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing 4.00

Company which is importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products, now is going to extend is activity by distribution of generic medicine.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Trade 3.20


Manufacturing 0.60

THE Eco Prestige Project is a production unit for reusable and recyclable ecological packaging. ,We print and manufacture non-woven fabric and cotton fabric shopping bags in different shapes; ,we have bags for the market, bread bags, bags for pharmacies, garbage bags, bread bags. ,We also sell glass jars; our factory has been located in Ouagadougou sector 27 in BURKINA FASO for six years . we are now looking to introduce food packaging because it is in high demand in Burkina Faso

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Manufacturing, Trade 0.25

Management of human ressources Salary management Costosmer relationship management comptability management

Information and Communication Technology 0.20

Design and sale of computer software, beeper surveillance camera and electronic terminal, etc.

Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure 1.00

In Burkina Faso we still have a lot of cultivable land. This project aims to promote our market gardening crops which are often in demand. our objective is to find partners for the signing of agricultural contracts for the export of chili peppers, okra for example but also to import Indian products which are in demand in Burkina Faso.

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Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Mining 1.97

processing of agricultural products and non-timber forest products such as the collection and processing of shea butter intended for cosmetics and export.import of pharmaceutical products.

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Agriculture & Allied Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Trade, Other 0.05

I need partners for textil market in Burkina Faso we also need partners for Bio Médical

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Trade 0.05


Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Defence, Education & Skill Development, Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Power & Energy, Trade, Other 0.05

UPDOWN TRADE is an innovative and dynamic company, specializing in import-export, e-commerce, and agro-pastoral business. Our mission is to facilitate trade between Asia and Africa, by offering a full range of services to meet the needs of our customers.

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Agriculture & Allied Services, Infrastructure, Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Trade 1.83

The is looking to set up pharmaceutical plant for manufacturing of IV Fluids, Pre-Mixed Drugs and Dialysis solution and later tablet and capsules. The project hand Land over 10ha

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing 30.00

Building the heart center for Burkina Faso

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 60.00

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

EPCM Contracting & Turnkey Project Management • Hydro Metallurgical plant for copper extraction • Sulphuric Acid Plant • Cobalt Hydroxide Dryers • Vat Leaching Plant • SMBS plant (sodium metabisulfite) • Steel Plant • Oxygen & Acetylene Plant • Mineral Processing Plant • Cushing Plant A Major Power Player in DRC providing Turnkey Project Management Solutions • In the past one decade, MES has commissioned hundreds of kilometers of transmission lines for SNEL and other Mining companies • Various services include : a) Feasibility Study, Design & Engineering b) Power Transmission & Distribution lines from 0.415 kV to 220 kV c) Power Substations up to voltage level 120 kV d) LV, MV & HV Reticulation Work up to voltage level of 120kV e) Complete electrical services for Industrial, commercial and residential buildings, housing colonies, camps etc. which include design, engineering, sizing of cable, installation of DB, Cable laying, wiring, termination, commissioning. f) Supply of all electrical items viz Generator (CAT, Volvo, Parkinson), ICOG, Mini-sub, Cable’s & allied, Transformer, DBs, Lighting & fixtures, all OHL items etc. g) Innovative Solutions: Containerized Mobile Substations 33kV/10mva; Load shedding Mitigation thru 15MW Containerized DG Plant (9X2250KVA DG set with synchronizing panel + Inbuilt PLC/SCADA for monitoring & control) h) Power Generation: MES has recently participated in the successful bid for the design, construction, operation and management of the 200 MW Nzilo-2 Hydroelectric Power Plant concession awarded to Lualaba Power, now known as the Heshima Project.

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Consultancy, Infrastructure, Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Power & Energy, Trade, Other 600.00


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

Main dam for storage of water to generate hydropower using RCC concrete for main dam with total length 1025m at crest level and 130m dam level -Construction of 4 saddle dams for reservoir impounding of water with a capacity to impound approximately 33 billion m3 of water.

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Power & Energy 3000.00

Main dam for storage of water to generate hydropower using RCC concrete for main dam with total length 1025m at crest level and 130m dam level -Construction of 4 saddle dams for reservoir impounding of water with a capacity to impound approximately 33 billion m3 of water

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Power & Energy 3000.00


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

Support the economic growth of GCC by manufacturing high quality industrial products & delivering excellent customer service. Sponge iron plant

Manufacturing, Mining 250.00


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

In a context marked by: The creation of the Maloukou Special Economic Zone, the construction project of the road-rail bridge between Brazzaville and Kinshasa, the industrialization of the sector, the accelerated urbanization of the area, the demand for housing and , of basic ,infrastructure, the project consists of: * Building on approximately 400 hectares, an Smart City called "City of Emergence". In this Smart City we envisage a set of collective and individual, rental and residential housing; - Centers for leisure activities, education, health, etc. - The construction of a 4-star hotel with 140 apartments, - The construction of a convention center equipped with several meeting rooms, halls ,celebrations - Essential basic infrastructure - A large shopping center called "Indian Village", providing a showcase of products from Indian industries of all kinds; - A drinking water supply complex - A treatment plant ,wastewater, - A Golf course..... * Build logistics warehouses on a 10 hectare site 10 km from the port of Maloukou, and acquire container transport trucks.

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Infrastructure, Logistics 678.06


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

Africa Medical Information Center is a medical information hub of Africa. We are committed to provide the highest form of medical Information on the best Medical facilities, technologies, medical practitioners, key surgeries and surgeons all class of medical personalities. What is special about AMIC is we are in contact with all the best medical regime in the world thereby aiding patients to get in touch and have the best medical treatment. We offer consultation services, travel services, screening camps, financial consultancy for treatment plan, and online consultation for treatment plan from expert clinicians. A lot of Africans spend a lot of money on medical services outside their continent but turn to be disappointed because of the poor services they got exposed to, AMIC guides you to the right and affordable as well as the best medical treatment and surgeries you can imagine

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 0.00


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

We are Africa Global Services and Supply. We are committed to providing quality services to our customers and to providing them the best possible service.

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Logistics, Mining, Trade 0.50

This project aims to strengthen the drinking water supply system of Greater Conakry (capital of Guinea) through additional production of drinking water of 200,000m3/day. It includes the following components: - Construction of a water intake at the Banéah dam (7.7m3/s); - Supply and installation of a raw water pipe DN 1800 mm over 28km; - Construction of a water treatment plant (200,000m3/day); - Supply and installation of treated water pipes over 35.1 km DN 1200mm to DN 800 mm; - Construction of 10 reservoirs (41,400m3) and 3 water towers (4,900m3); - Supply and installation of water distribution pipes over 550km; - installation of House connections :56 938

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Other 477.00

It includes the following components: - Dam construction: Kindia (10 million m3), Boké (4.7 million m3), Mamou (4.7 million m3), Labé (6 million m3), Kankan (32), Faranah (6 million m3), N'Zérékoré (11 million m3); - Supply and installation of supply pipes over 183km; - Construction of treatment stations: Kindia (38,000 m3/day), Boké (17,700 m3/day), Mamou (16,900 m3/day), Labé (34,000 m3/day), Kankan (44,000 m3/day) ), Faranah (15,000 m3/day), N'Zérékoré (50,000 m3/day); - Construction of 57 reservoirs with a total capacity (53,000 m3); - Supply and installation of distribution pipes over 4,500 km

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Other 618.00

Commerce and purchase

Agriculture & Allied Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Trade 0.50


Agriculture & Allied Services, Financial Services, Infrastructure, Logistics 0.50


Agriculture & Allied Services, Education & Skill Development, Financial Services, Information and Communication Technology, Logistics, Trade 0.50


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

Please note that all text exceeding the 100 words limit will automatically be truncated.

Agriculture & Allied Services, Information and Communication Technology 35.23

Ivory Coast (Cote d`Ivoire)

Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

Our aim is to facilitate trade between India and Africa

Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Education & Skill Development, Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communication Technology, Power & Energy, Trade 0.05

Oil mill equipment

Agriculture & Allied Services 25.00


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

RentCo Africa Limited and Toshiba Corporation of Japan, as consortium partners with specific roles were awarded and signed a 15-year Lease Agreement with Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited (KENGEN) to Build, Lease, Operate and Maintain of Geothermal Wellhead Power Generating Units of electromechanical capacity 83 MW and capable of giving gross capacity of 65MW and Net capacity of 58.42MW net to the grid when placed on 14 selected wells. The financing structure involves appointing an EPC+ F contractor who under a letter of undertaking or any other financial instrument acceptable to the EPC Contractor from a financier will undertaking construction of the 14-separate wellhead power plant and on commission, the Financier will reimburse the EPC contractor as per the terms of the Letter of undertaking.. EXERGY INTERNATIONAL Srl is the ORC equipment supplier, and they will work with the appointed EPC Contractor and provide the necessary performance guarantee, insurances and completion certificates. We have mitigated Technology Risk since both Exergy and Toshiba Wellhead equipment has been installed and operating in other parts of the world

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Financial Services, Power & Energy 210.00

RentCo Renewable Energy Limited, a subsidiary of RentCo Africa Limited a leading leasing ?rm in East Africa (https://rentcoafrica.com/), committed to harmonizing sustainable business growth and nurturing community development across Africa. Our primary mission involves ?nancing and developing renewable energy systems, thus catalyzing sustainability in energy consumption within commercial and industrial sectors. This deliberate initiative aligns seamlessly with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Agenda, re?ecting our dedication to a harmonious and sustainable future.

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Financial Services, Power & Energy 5.00

We would like to look for a partner/ Original Equipment Manufacturer so as to enable us work together strategically to leasing of medical equipment in the following countries Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, Tanzania, Nigeria where RentCo would be buy the equipment and lease the medical equipment to hospitals in the countries above,

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 100.00

Bloomview Residency is located in the south of Nairobi Kenya. It is a modern and elegant fifteen-floor luxurious apartment. It includes one-bedroom, two-bedroom three-bedroom, and four-bedroom units. The amenities include a backup generator, CCTV cameras, high-speed lifts, a borehole, ample parking, and a kids' play area.

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Other 4.00


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)


Agriculture & Allied Services, Manufacturing, Mining, Trade 200.00


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

Shea butter is a precious natural product in West Africa, used in both cosmetics and food industries. In addition to its use in cosmetics and food, shea butter is also a source of income for rural women. Women's cooperatives play a crucial role in the production of this product. However, they encounter technical, commercial and environmental challenges that impede their sustainable development. This is why ULPK has decided to set up a project aimed to boost: 1. Technical de capabilities: • Training and Equipment: Provide technical training on the best production practices for shea butter and the equipment required to modernize the transformation processes. • Quality and Standardization: Establishing quality standards to ensure that a product is uniform and complies with global market requirements. 2. Commercial Development • Marketing and Market Access: Educating cooperative members in marketing and commercial management strategies and facilitating access to new markets, including exports. • Labeling and Certification: Assist cooperatives in obtaining fair and biological certifications, increasing the added value of their product. 3. Environment Protection • Durable Practices: Promote the adoption of environmentally conscious farming practices and transformations, such as the sustainable management of natural resources and waste minimization. • Reforestation and Conservation: Implementing reforestation programs to offset the deforestation caused by the harvest of karité nuts and encourage the preservation of karité trees. In conclusion, the goal of this project is to develop cooperatives that produce quality butter into strong, independent businesses that can both significantly boost the local economy and protect the environment. Enhancing technical and economic capabilities in conjunction with a responsible environmental approach would guarantee sustainable and inclusive development for the local communities.

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Agriculture & Allied Services, Manufacturing, Trade, Other 0.15

Home decoration Decoration is an essential element in being able to establish comfort, functionality, beauty and harmony in a home. However, it is essential to choose the right decorative style you want to adopt. At SPACIA, creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Our team of passionate and talented designers specialize in creating unique and beautifully decorated spaces that reflect your personal style. Whether you're looking for a modern, contemporary, or traditional design, we have the expertise to transform your home into a true masterpiece. Trust our experience and love for decoration to create an interior that will delight you every day.

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Infrastructure 0.15

Entreprise General Business has three main sections, including distributing Mali brewery products, Office supplies and equipment, and Provision of buildings and public works .

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Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Trade 1.60

Our goal is to reach the top

Financial Services, Manufacturing 0.01

New Zealand

Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

We are pleased to offer to you Tongariro Water to which our company has secured the exclusive distributor rights for the Indian sub-continent. New Zealand is ranked as one of the world's best for being clean, green and least polluted country. It's pure and pristine water is contamination free, mineral rich, acts as an anti-oxidant & tastes great. The spring water offered to you is manufactured and bottled in New Zealand. The manufacturing plant in New Zealand complies with all New Zealand regulations and is fully audited by the recognized institutes. The manufacturing premises comply with requirements of the New Zealand food act, 2014, and are fully audited by recognized institutions. Bottled water is a reflection of the modern environment, for almost all it comes from recent rainfall that is affected by chemicals in the atmosphere and on the land, it drains through. Tongariro Natural Alkaline Water on the other hand is artesian water and as old as the last Ice Age. Back then, New Zealand was uninhabited and covered by immense glaciers. When the Ice Age came to an end the glaciers started to melt. A small proportion of the water released by the glaciers filtered through ignimbrite rock and was collected in an aquifer in the Waimea Plains at a depth of 896 metres below the surface. There, the water laid undisturbed by any influence of man for over two hundred centuries. This is why Tongariro Natural Alkaline Water is not affected by the modern environment and

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Financial Services 0.15


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

Hotelery equipment

Other 0.15


Trade 0.50


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

We are expanding our capacity in existing locations and building in Accra, Abidjan, Dakar , Casablanca & Rwnada

Information and Communication Technology 500.00

Recognizing the increasing adoption of cloud computing as a catalyst for enhancing agility, scalability, and operational efficiency among African businesses, the founders set out to create a cloud computing provider that would not only be affordable and reliable but also tailored to the unique needs of the region. Today, UniCloud Africa stands as a beacon in the African tech landscape, proudly holding its position as one of the leading cloud computing providers on the continent. Our comprehensive suite of cloud services spans compute, storage, networking, and managed services, catering to businesses of all sizes—from dynamic startups to multinational corporations and government parastatals.

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Information and Communication Technology 40.00

The Transmission Company of Nigeria's NETAP Package 3 project, funded by the World Bank's International Development Association (IDA) and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), involving the rehabilitation and reinforcement of various 330/132kV and 132/33kV transmission substations across Nigeria.

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Power & Energy 72.00

Fuel station

Other 1.00

Maritime Innovations Hub is a center for maritime activities that seeks to be the anchor and rallying point for series of innovation in maritime economy advocacy, innovations in maritime governance, maritime education and funding, innovations in e-governance, port operations and management, policy advocacy, government relations, public-private dialogue, infrastructure financing and ultimately a leading private sector led think tank for the industry. Maritime Innovations Hub connects individuals, organizations, governments and nations on maritime issues, connecting their beliefs and helping to innovate out of their constraints. The Maritime Innovations Hub seeks to explore multidisciplinary approaches to solving complex maritime problems, turning internal and external boundaries into opportunities for the growth of individuals, organizations, governments and nations. At Maritime Innovations Hub, we build human, structural and financial ecosystems that harnesses diverse individual and organizational talents, insights and creativities, creating successful value creation for individuals, organizations, governments and nations through a multidimensional construct often moving in conflicting directions.

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Consultancy, Education & Skill Development, Infrastructure 10.00

Provision of Insurance Brokerage Services

Consultancy, Financial Services 5150.00

Enhancing Nigerian Healthcare Through Strategic Partnerships This project focuses on significantly improving the healthcare infrastructure and services in Nigeria by leveraging strategic partnerships and expertise from international healthcare leaders. The core components of this project include: 1. Medical Equipment Imports: Importing high-quality, cost-effective medical equipment from reputable manufacturers to ensure Nigerian hospitals are equipped with the latest technology for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. 2. Medical Consumables Imports: Securing a steady supply of essential medical consumables from trusted suppliers to maintain uninterrupted medical services and enhance patient care standards. 3. Establishment of Hospitals (Consultancy): Providing comprehensive consultancy services for the establishment and modernization of hospitals in Nigeria. This includes planning, design, and implementation of best practices to create state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. 4. Training of Nigerian Doctors: Conducting specialized training programs for Nigerian doctors in collaboration with Indian medical institutions. This initiative aims to upgrade their skills and knowledge, ensuring they are proficient in using advanced medical equipment and techniques. Through these focused efforts, the project aims to uplift the overall healthcare standards in Nigeria, making quality healthcare accessible and sustainable.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 2.00

OUR PROJECTS CONCENTRATION INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING SECTORS. 1. Manufacturing 2. Agriculture / Agro allied 3. Solid Minerals 4. Services.

Agriculture & Allied Services, Manufacturing, Mining, Trade 500.00

To Procure over 2,000 tractors and implements (Planters, sprayers, harrow, ploughs, Ridgers. Trailers and combine harvesters), taken delivery of over 1,000 farming vehicles, implements and equipment’s Training of Tractor drivers Opening of tractor service centers across the state.

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Agriculture & Allied Services, Infrastructure, Logistics 4.65

AfriPharm Medicals Group under the leadership of Dr Bright C Irem is excited to present a summary of one of our key groundbreaking healthcare infrastructure and pharmaceutical supply chain projects to transform healthcare delivery in Nigeria and Africa. Our Modular Operating Theaters (MOT) and Intensive Care Units (ICU) project focuses on designing and setting up a chain of state-of-the-art hospital facilities. These MOTs and ICUs are engineered for efficiency, featuring integrated medical gas supply systems and solar-enabled power sources to ensure uninterrupted operations and sustainability. Complementing our infrastructure initiative, we are leading the way with a technologically advanced, blockchain-enabled pharmaceutical supply solution. This project, valued at over USD 25 million, is set to transform the bulk procurement and integrated distribution of a wide range of pharmaceutical products and essential medicines. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, we are enhancing transparency, security, and efficiency in the pharmaceutical supply chain, effectively tackling issues such as counterfeit drugs and supply chain inefficiencies. Our projects are collaborated with key institutional partners, including health departments and agencies across Nigeria and Africa. These partnerships are vital to our mission, ensuring that our solutions align with national health strategies and effectively address the healthcare needs of the communities we serve. Through these initiatives, AfriPharm Medicals Group is enhancing healthcare quality, expanding access to essential medical services, and fostering innovation in healthcare delivery.

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Consultancy, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Logistics, Manufacturing 25.00

AfriPharm Medicals Group comprehensive Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Distribution Project, aimed at addressing the critical demand gap in Nigeria's health market. This multifaceted project focuses on the manufacturing and import of a wide range of pharmaceutical products to ensure that essential medications are readily available to meet the healthcare needs of the Nigerian population. With a project value ranging between $1.3 to $6 million USD, our project supports the medium to large-scale distribution of life-saving medicines. Under the government's subsidy efforts, we aim to make these essential medications accessible to those in critical need, ensuring that no one is left without necessary treatment due to financial constraints. By partnering with government health departments, we are setting up essential medicine stores across the country, enhancing the reach and efficiency of the public health system. Our project encompasses partnership with manufacturing companies with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that adhere to WHO/GMP international standards, guaranteeing the production of high-quality pharmaceutical products. These facilities will play a pivotal role in supplying the domestic market with reliable medications, thereby reducing dependency on foreign imports and strengthening Nigeria’s healthcare infrastructure. Through this Project, AfriPharm Medicals Group is committed to improving healthcare accessibility and quality across Nigeria. Our consulting expertise ensures the seamless establishment and operation of government health department stores, further expanding and improving our distribution network.

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Consultancy, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Manufacturing 3.00

Seeking to explore business opportunities for members of our chamber, considering our trade groups which cuts across all sectors of the economy,

Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Defence, Education & Skill Development, Financial Services, Information and Communication Technology, Manufacturing, Mining, Power & Energy, Trade 1.00

ROLL THE SLEEVES AND GROW YOUR FOOD is aimed at stirring an extensive farming consciousness among Nigerian youths. The thematic objective is to ensure food sufficiency and healthy food growth. The project leverages extensive media campaigns, community advocacy, religious organisations' participation, and traditional institution inclusions.

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Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Education & Skill Development, Information and Communication Technology, Trade 0.06

Deployment of ICT solutions to institutions

Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Education & Skill Development, Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Power & Energy, Trade 0.20

Solar panel Inverter Batteries Cable Etc

Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Defence, Education & Skill Development, Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Power & Energy, Trade 0.50

Lithium Exploitation was successful, Mining Equipment and technical assistance will be required.

Mining 0.10

To provide alternative Waste to Power technology, that will clean up the environmental challenges like, municipal waste, oil sludges, hazardous waste etc. which in turn can Cooking cooking gas, glass, slag, Ethanol etc.

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Power & Energy 18.00

Nigeria Mechanize Agro Extension Service Scheme This scheme will provide Mechanize Agro services to rural farmers in 528 LGAs of Nigeria. We shall provide Tractor services, Supply farm inputs such as improve seedling, Agro Chemical and Organic Fertilizer and off take the farm produce through organized off takers market for export and local consumption. This scheme shall engaged Fifteen Million rural farmers across Nigeria

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Agriculture & Allied Services, Education & Skill Development 10.00


Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 0.10

Fiyah Global Concept Limited Input Supply (Seeds Maize, Rice, Soyabean and Agro Chemicals to Alluvial Agriculture, a community farming initiative supporting thousands of farmers, is partnering IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, to help 15,000 Nigerian rice farmers optimise their productivity over three years. The partnership will support the Alluvial Community Block Farming Rice Project, to provide support services such as training in good agronomic and sustainable production practices, inputs, mechanization, land and market access for 15,000 smallholder farmers in Adamawa and Taraba states in Nigeria’s north. The project aims to see farmers cultivating these hectares through two harvests per year to produce 250,000 tonnes of rice paddy, worth over $121 million, within three years.

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Agriculture & Allied Services 1.00

processing of the rew materials

Agriculture & Allied Services 0.50

To Procure over 2,000 tractors and implements (Planters, sprayers, harrow, ploughs, Ridgers. Trailers and combine harvesters), taken delivery of over 1,000 farming vehicles, implements and equipment’s Training of Tractor drivers Opening of tractor service centers across the state

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Agriculture & Allied Services 4.57

Exportation of Ginger

Agriculture & Allied Services 0.50

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT-Abuja) Nigeria, comprise of six Area Council and eighty percent of the populace are predominantly farmers. So the project intends to focus on youths (Boys and Girls) within the ages of 12 to 35years. It is a youth driven initiative with the soul aim of introducing Agriculture and Agro-business through renewable energy and climate change for sustainable development. It intends to use advanced mechanisation of Agriculture and farming process in their formative years and teach them how to properly operate and recycle the byproducts into other use. The project through the help of Government, will introduce compulsory Agriculture engagement scheme in the country and the private sector can assist in the establishment of effective agricultural training centres across the Six Area Councils in the Federal Capital Territory. Agricultural shows will be organized as way of training which will be appealing to the youths. Recycling and Packaging of Agricultural produce will be enhanced so as to create jobs for the youth. Agricultural practical will be taught as an extra curriculum activities in primary and secondary schools. Finally, we will revive Young Farmers Club in ward, Area council and the state.

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Agriculture & Allied Services, Education & Skill Development, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Power & Energy, Trade 0.00

Aim to invest heavily in export farming.

Agriculture & Allied Services, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Power & Energy, Trade 0.20

DAKT Freight Forwarding Company Limited is aiming 1. To establish a rice factory 2. Supply of agricultural products 3. Subtable partnership

Agriculture & Allied Services 0.00

Anambra state clean energy renewal power project 2024

Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Mining, Power & Energy 7392.20

Procurement Of Materials For Conversion Of Petrol-Powered Vehicles To Electric Vehicles

Manufacturing, Power & Energy, Trade 80.00

we deals on Kitchen equipment, Baking Equipment, Supermarket Equipment, Hotel Equipment, Agricultural Equipment. Etc

Agriculture & Allied Services, Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communication Technology, Logistics, Trade 0.03


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)


Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 1.50

Top Skills World is an innovative e-learning platform dedicated to empowering individuals in East and South Africa to pursue online degrees and certificates without compromising their employment. Recognizing the challenges faced by working professionals, Top Skills World partners with internationally accredited universities to offer flexible and high-quality education accessible from anywhere. Our platform provides a diverse range of courses tailored to meet the needs of various industries, ensuring that learners can gain relevant skills and knowledge to advance their careers. From business management to information technology, healthcare to engineering, Top Skills World offers programs that are recognized globally, ensuring that our learners receive education that meets international standards. Top Skills World is proudly ISO certified, reflecting our commitment to maintaining the highest quality in our educational offerings and services. This certification underscores our dedication to providing an exceptional learning experience, adhering to rigorous standards of excellence, and continually improving our processes to better serve our students. Our user-friendly platform is designed with the learner in mind, featuring interactive content, real-time support, and a community of peers and professionals to enhance the educational journey. Students can access coursework, submit assignments, and engage with instructors at their convenience, allowing them to balance their studies with their professional and personal responsibilities. Through our partnerships with top-tier universities, Top Skills World ensures that our learners receive accredited certifications that hold significant value in the global job market. By offering a pathway to education that is both flexible and reputable, Top Skills World is

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Education & Skill Development 0.50

**Universal HD Solution Service Ltd (UHDSS)**, established in 2019, is a premier education consultancy firm headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda, with branches in Musanze, Ethiopia, and Burundi. With upcoming expansions in Mozambique and Tanzania, UHDSS is rapidly growing its footprint across Africa. UHDSS is dedicated to guiding students through their educational journeys globally, providing personalized career counseling, university selection assistance, visa application services, and post-arrival support like accommodation and airport pickup. The company has a team of 25 permanent staff members and holds certifications from British Council, ICEF, and ISO for maintaining high standards in consultancy and immigration services. UHDSS caters to students at various educational levels, from elementary school to PhD programs, facilitating education opportunities in countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia, China, New Zealand, Schengen countries, Ireland, India, Japan, South Korea, and other Asian nations. UHDSS prides itself on a successful track record, having placed hundreds of students in top institutions worldwide. The firm is committed to its core values of honesty, citizenship, dedication, excellence, and teamwork, ensuring ethical practices and professional services. With a mission to transform lives through education, UHDSS provides comprehensive support at every step of the educational journey, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for students. For more information, visit [UHDSS](https://www.uhdss.com) or contact their offices in Kigali, Musanze, Ethiopia, and Burundi. Join hands with UHDSS and embark on a path to global educational excellence!

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Consultancy 3.00

Invest in Rwanda is a premier investment facilitation platform dedicated to promoting Rwanda as a prime destination for business and investment. Our mission is to attract and support investors by providing comprehensive information, resources, and services tailored to meet the needs of businesses looking to establish or expand their presence in Rwanda. Rwanda is a rapidly growing economy with a stable political environment, making it an attractive destination for investors. Our platform, [Invest in Rwanda](https://www.investin-rwanda.com/), serves as a one-stop hub for potential investors, offering detailed insights into the country's economic landscape, investment opportunities, and the benefits of investing in Rwanda. We highlight key sectors such as agriculture, tourism, energy, ICT, manufacturing, and real estate, showcasing the diverse opportunities available in the country. Invest in Rwanda provides essential information on the legal and regulatory framework, investment incentives, and government support available to investors. We assist businesses in navigating the investment process by offering services such as market research, site selection, business registration, and connection with local partners. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient investment process, from initial inquiry to successful project implementation. Our platform also features success stories and testimonials from investors who have benefited from Rwanda's conducive business environment. We emphasize Rwanda's strategic location in East Africa, its robust infrastructure, and its commitment to sustainable development and innovation. Invest in Rwanda is committed to fostering a thriving business ecosystem by connecting investors with opportunities that align with their goals. By providing valuable resources

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Consultancy 0.25

**Universal Brokers** is a premier brokerage firm dedicated to providing comprehensive financial and investment services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals through expert advice, innovative solutions, and exceptional service. At [Universal Brokers](https://universal-brokers.com/), we offer a wide range of services including stock and bond trading, portfolio management, financial planning, and investment advisory. Our team of experienced and certified financial advisors works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and develop customized strategies that maximize returns while managing risk. We pride ourselves on our client-centric approach, ensuring that each client receives personalized attention and solutions designed to align with their financial objectives. Our advisors leverage cutting-edge technology and in-depth market research to provide insights and recommendations that help clients make informed investment decisions. Universal Brokers is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency. We adhere to stringent regulatory requirements and industry best practices to ensure the security and confidentiality of our clients' investments. Our robust risk management framework and proactive monitoring systems enable us to navigate market fluctuations and safeguard our clients' assets. In addition to our core brokerage services, we offer educational resources and workshops to help clients enhance their financial literacy and investment knowledge. By empowering clients with the tools and information they need, we enable them to take control of their financial future and achieve long-term success. For more information and to explore our services, visit [Universal Brokers](https://universal-brokers.com/)

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Infrastructure 0.50

Pharmaceuticals,real estate,Healthcare,mining,automobile,CNG,Manufacturing

Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Education & Skill Development, Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Power & Energy, Trade 5.00


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

Niveda Academy Seychelles (NAS) is a proud member of Shreeji Group (Seychelles), working in collaboration with MK Consulting (MKC) whose lead consultant has experience in starting schools ‘from inception’ in Seychelles and overseas. The project is led by Mrs. Gopi Dubasia with an endorsement received by the President of Seychelles with his Cabinet on 20th March, 2024. The meaning of Niveda is 'creative'. NAS is passionate about the opportunity to initiate the first International Baccalaureate® (IB) curriculum school in Seychelles. NAS aims to offer an enhanced educational experience within an innovative, exciting and engaging institution, where young people will value learning and personal development, and a platform will be provided upon which to showcase their creativity, analytical acumen and academic prowess. This will be realised through a combination of the best possible curriculum design, excellent management and staff, and a supportive governance. NAS will offer a personalised and well-rounded international education, comprising three International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes that stretches beyond traditional academic subjects to embrace the arts, music, drama, design, innovative technologies and sport. The IB is most distinctive, however, in that it is more than simply a qualification; it is a broad and coherent educational vision, supported by a clearly defined set of values that will prepare our students and staff as global leaders through an integrated, progressive and holistic approach. We aim to be accredited to deliver the PYP, MYP & DP programmes. Project Location to be in Au Cap now. Project Details via WeTransfer Link: https://we.tl/t-zukV5rgOEk

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Education & Skill Development 10.30

A Proud Member of Shreeji Group (Seychelles) Limited; KALPANI - Medical Clinic & Laboratory, established in November 2022, is a cutting-edge healthcare facility dedicated to providing top-notch medical and laboratory services. With a strong focus on innovation and patient care, our clinic offers a range of services including virtual and on-site consultations, industrial health physician services, outpatient department treatments, and awareness programs. We have partnered with South India’s ‘Kauvery Hospital’. Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals is committed to delivering high-quality care to our patients. In line with our vision for the future, we are actively working towards establishing a multi-specialty medical hospital within the next five years to further enhance our healthcare offerings and serve the community in Seychelles better. Dr. Kalpesh Hirani, the founding physician of KALPANI Medical Clinic & Laboratory, is a distinguished clinical cardiologist and diabetologist with a wealth of experience in the healthcare field. In addition to his expertise in cardiology and diabetes management, Dr. Hirani also serves as an industrial health physician and is a master practitioner in NLP and Ericksonian Linguistic expert family therapy certified by ABNLP. His diverse skill set and commitment to patient care have been instrumental in shaping the clinic's vision and services. Furthermore, Dr. Hirani has ambitious plans to expand the clinic's offerings by opening a dental department and ophthalmology services by 2025. Dr. Hirani's dedication to excellence and continuous innovation ensures that KALPANI Limited remains at the forefront of healthcare delivery. Project Details via WeTransfer Link: https://we.tl/t-DeAEdwxRUa

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 3.39

We are presenting a unique opportunity to acquire a 25-acre plot of land owned by Four Feathers Limited, a subsidiary of the esteemed Shreeji Group. This property holds great potential for investors seeking to establish tourism-related amenities, given the allure of Seychelles as a sought-after tourist destination. Positioned in the southeast region of Mahe Island, the land boasts an advantageous location for tourism-focused projects. To access pertinent documents related to this offering, please utilize the WeTransfer Link provided: https://we.tl/t-MOaCEZxAJ0. The architectural blueprints were officially sanctioned in 2019 but have since lapsed; however, they are eligible for renewal at any time. Any adjustments to the design and structure can be made within specified parameters after engaging in discussions with relevant authorities. Additionally, the site plan layout can be tailored to suit specific requirements and the property's topography. Our proposal provides two distinct opportunities for interested parties: acquiring the property for independent development control or investing in the development with potential negotiations regarding property rental and profits.

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Other 14.29


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

Private Sector Strengthening Project - Youths and Women - Agribusiness Value Chains Market Opportunities . Three value chains (sunflower, rice, and horticulture) present clear, straight forward market opportunities that have the potential to generate revenue for youth and women led enterprise. Sunflower Value Chain . The market for sunflower is readily available in Tanzania, where around 60% (TADB Policy brief, 2019) edible oil is imported to meet the domestic demand. A lead firm, the Cereals and Other Produces Board (CPB) Factory is a sunflower processing factory located in Dodoma with processing capacity of 60 tons of seed per day. It needs a minimum of 21,900 MT per annum but is struggling to get sunflower seeds for processing. The factory’s manager is looking for contract sunflower farmers to secure reliable supply. Rice Value Chain domestic and export markets for rice are readily available. Globally, rice is in short supply, and prices are well above average. Tanzania’s exports of rice have risen from 184,521MT in 2020 to 441,908MT in 2021 (The Citizen -16 July 2022), an increase of 240% within a year. In Morogoro there is a large rice processing and export company, Willmar Rice, with a capacity to process 1,200 tons per day. They are also looking for reliable rice suppliers on contract basis. And horticulture Value Chain.

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Agriculture & Allied Services, Information and Communication Technology, Logistics, Manufacturing, Trade 0.30

Our project is to supplying East and central Africa food. By the way we're supply irrigation and powertelar in East Africa

Agriculture & Allied Services, Logistics 0.00

The Gambia

Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)


Agriculture & Allied Services 0.03


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

Our real project for the next few years is the construction of a city of several villas and buildings over an area of ??2ha. For this we will need good quality construction materials at a good price so that the acquisition of housing is affordable for ,the population. Then for the needs of the transport and logistics sectors, we want to get into the delivery of spare parts, tires and also motor oils and other oils for vehicles. Furthermore, we note ,the insufficiency of medical equipment and the high cost of pharmaceutical products from Europe.

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Infrastructure, Logistics, Trade, Other 3.50

United Arab Emirates

Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

Due to high construction growth ( double digit) in West Africa and non availability of single porcelain tile manufacturing unit, whole market depends up import of porcelain tiles from Europe/China/India. Due to increasing natural gas price and logistic cost mainly due to geo political instabilities basic commodities slowly converted into Luxury product and out of reach to most of the middle class. There is high quality of raw material suitable for porcelain tile manufacturing in the region as well as gas through west African pipe line. Infrastructure zone was under developing stage by Arise group of company. huge Human resource available at reasonable cost along with electricity and water. Huge import substitute market available for tap and first mover advantage. Well established Indian and UAE group ready to tap the potential in challenging environment by putting trunky porcelain tile manufacturing unit. Most of the machinery import from Europe , India and China. All experience manpower engaged from India, Nigeria due to strong experience and technically skilled . Circular economy and optimize resources like renewable energy and water. There will be Zero discharge for waste water and process waste. Use of Solar power for internal lighting and hot gas from kiln exit for drawer are kea for zero wastage.

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Consultancy 0.00

4 Star Hotel Project in Togo

Infrastructure 40.00

United States of America (USA)

Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

Already committed is about 17 Million USD by our Clients for initial approvals, documentations and other sundry activities, details of which are contained in this proposal. Suffice it to say that they are looking for credible investors to be part of the Project either as financial or equity partner(s). Details of this shall be mutually agreed by parties. It is important to note that the Project is very viable because of its unique location, and already, off-takers are available to buy the developed houses when they are built or the land from our Clients because of housing deficit in Nigeria’s commercial capital in particular and the Nation at large. Investors are expected to make more than quadruple of their investment as profit. We urge you to invest Imperial City, the Eldorado of Africa’s habitat. FESTAC PHASE 2 PROJECT (IMPERIAL CITY) IS A CONCESSION [PUBLIC- PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP (PPP) ARRANGEMENT, THIS IS, A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA CONCESSION UNDER THE MINISTRY OF LANDS, HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT. • FEDERAL HOUSING AUTHORITY (FHA) IS THE EXECUTING AGENCY • IN JUNE 2006, FHA IN ACCORDANCE WITH ICRC ACT ADVERTISED, INVITING PROPOSALS’ BY WAY OF EXPRESSION OF INTEREST, FOR THE RECLAMATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF FESTAC PHASE 2. • IMPERIAL CITY IS PREMISESD TO BE A WORLD CLASS CITY THAT PROVIDES ALTERNATIVE TO IKOYI , VICTORIA ISLAND AND BANANA ISLAND • IT IS EXPECTED TO HAVE A FOUR LANE EXPRESS WAY FROM THE AIRPORT • CLEAN WATER-WAY TRANSPORT FROM AIRPORT TO VICTORIA ISLAND.

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Education & Skill Development, Infrastructure, Logistics, Power & Energy, Trade 1000.00

The project of construction of USVTC is a complex involving 50 classrooms, 100 rooms for accommodation of learners, a sports complex, a commercial complex, a hospital application center for learners in health sectors, 20 laboratories, a Mechatronics workshop, three carpentry workshops (wood, metal, aluminum), a masonry workshop, a music workshop, five conference rooms, Two amphitheaters with 500 and 1000 seats, two gymnasiums, a restaurant, An administrative block with 20 offices, a hotel complex comprising 10 furnished apartments for housing foreign teachers (seasonal) and 35 rooms. This project will be built on an area of ??5 hectares.

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Education & Skill Development, Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Logistics, Manufacturing 15.97

In Cameroon, non-confessional private health facilities represent around 30% of health coverage. These structures, generally closer to the populations, are rarely supported by the State and national and international NGOs. From then on they become a good circulation network for fake medicines and hospital equipment. As part of this project, the aim will be to organize them, identify their needs and provide them with quality equipment and medicines as part of a win-win partnership. This project may be extended to other African countries in the future.

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Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communication Technology, Logistics, Manufacturing, Trade 1.61

A printing chain on four-color paper Digital devices for printing banners, Roll-ups, and other advertising gadgets Sales of printing consumables on paper and fabrics

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Financial Services, Information and Communication Technology, Manufacturing, Trade, Other 1.94


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

1. Renewable Energy PV Solar 350MW 2. Transmission Power line 3. Sub stations supply and installation 4. EPC Plus Finance 5. Equity Option Available 6. Power supply: In-country and Power Trading on regional power pool

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Infrastructure, Power & Energy, Trade 350.00

We appreciate the opportunity to explore a potential partnership with . As a trusted provider in the service and advocacy industry, we specialize in efficient service delivery and seamless management. Our commitment to excellence and reliability sets us apart. We are looking for trade partners in manufacturing,logistics,Information technology,agriculture,power and energy and infrastracture.Experience: With years of industry expertise, we understand the intricacies of logistics.Reliability: Our track record speaks for itself—we consistently meet deadlines and exceed expectations.Technology: We leverage cutting-edge tools to optimize processes and enhance efficiency. Transparency: Open communication is at the core of our approach. Initial Meeting: Let’s schedule a meeting to discuss specifics and align our goals. Customized Solutions: We’ll tailor our services to meet your unique requirements. Contractual Agreement: Once we agree on terms, we’ll formalize the partnership

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Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Logistics, Manufacturing, Power & Energy, Trade 2.00

Procurement, warehousing and distribution of medicines and medical supplies

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 0.10

Moving cargo from India to Zambias

Logistics 20.00


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Agriculture & Allied Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Mining, Power & Energy, Trade 0.10


Project Description Sector Total Value (USD Million)

red garnet turmoulline aqua marine beryl and more

Mining 0.50

Looking to partner with investors interested in the growing of sesame and tobacco as well as exporting the products yearly.

Agriculture & Allied Services 0.50

Tractors 80-100hp,and discharrow,for land preparation then planting of vegetablesb,grains and cereals,harvesting machines ,solar drying machines ,processing like solar driven biltond dryers and packaging machines with in built sealers,From farm to Market,A SOLAR DRIVEN BOREHOLE IS REQUIRED AT THE FARM ,

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Agriculture & Allied Services, Education & Skill Development, Financial Services, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Power & Energy, Trade 0.10